Monday, November 23, 2009

Wrong Number

Apparently, I have a certain air about me; often, strangers come up to me and ask me questions, especially directions. This used to happen to me a lot in stores; people would mistake me for an employee and ask me where to find things.

Maybe it's my face. People used to say that Walter Cronkite had a face that conveyed trust; perhaps I have a face that people trust to provide answers.

A lady walked into my store the other day after reading the various notices, flyers and posters hanging in the windows. She came up to me at the counter and said, "You're gay, right?" I said, "No. Actually, I'm married." "To a woman?" "I believe so." She apologized; I told her that I wasn't offended. She asked me about how she could connect with the local GLBT community in our town, and I gave her a few suggestions.

Was her gaydar turned off, or was it my air of Authority?